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This Cape has a surprise. The traditional façade conceals dramatic views to a hidden lake seen from terraced platforms and patios. This lush landscape with a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen is ideal for entertaining guests or quiet dinners for two.      Click here

You must see this to believe it. Small becomes large and barren becomes lush. The most exquisite gardens can emerge from the most empty of spaces with the right touch. This owner frequently receives compliments for the exterior of her garden. Only a select few get to see the interior spaces      Click here.

Low maintenance, clean lines and varied textures give this property and home an interesting appeal. This landscape lends itself easily to entertaining and daily mini-staycations      Click here

A home in the woods offers an opportunity for great privacy and openness and is further enhanced when the exterior spaces can be experienced as part of the interior of the home. Busy lives require restfulness. The element of water, a bridge, rocks and a tree strike a meditative tone.      Click here

From spare Japanese contemporary to refined English traditional styles, from fine grasses to four-ton trees and from mossy softscape to decks, patios and walls; we bring a huge range of options to you for your consideration. Whatever your priorities, we will find the right landscape treatment. We are creative and resourceful. These are just some of our creations
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