Mike Walsh
There is no substitute for a conversation with us about your project. We want to hear what's most important to you so we can properly prepare. We will discuss phases and project timing with you, review the fee schedule and arrange our first meeting. We are available to discuss your project at 781.843.1400.
The goal of our first meeting is usually to create an overall Plan of Action with your immediate and long-term goals in mind. We start with an interview and a “walkabout” of your property. We will discuss many options and new ideas with you, the best of which will become priorities for the project and design. It's an exciting and very enjoyable meeting with Mike Walsh.
Our Plan of Action fee is $650. This strategic project plan developed during our 3-4 hour consultation is a detailed list of items to be included in your Schematic Design along with a list of other project decisions. We also offer other services for other kinds of work.
The next step is the creation of the Schematic Design which illustrates the ultimate design goals once all the phases are complete. Again, in collaboration with you and in consideration of your lifestyle, preferences and goals, we guide the process with relevant and important new ideas and suggestions.
Your design will be unique and very beautiful. You are welcome to browse some of our creations here.
The design is only an idea until it is built. Most of our clients have us build the landscape for them. With our extensive experience in the industry, we know how much things should cost and what kinds of companies to hire. We make what can be a very difficult process smooth and enjoyable for you. We finish on-time and on-budget. We make sure you get great value and top quality.
You will have one person to talk to throughout the construction of your project. We will always tell you in advance what to expect. We handle all scheduling, layout, site supervision and inspection of materials and labor. We back up all guarantees and are even available to guide maintenance in the following years. We deliver great landscapes.
Review your service options. Call Mike Walsh at 781.843.1400 to start your project. He will ask you a series of questions and make suggestions about what will work best for you and will review our process and our fee schedule.
Your conversation will include project's priorities, phasing, budgeting, scheduling. Mike will find the best options for moving your project forward.

Contact Mike Walsh at 781.843.1400
We will customize our programs to meet your individual needs.