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Open Design Meeting
Your Design Program Options

We offer you three programs suited to
a wide range of projects.

●   Open Design Meeting

Review your property, specific problems and potential solutions with Mike Walsh. Explore all your options before going forward. 2-3 hours $650.   More Details

●   Schematic Design Package

At your first meeting, you will review how to solve problems, any potential changes you might want to consider, new ideas and the package of information you will need including design renderings, photos and pricing options.
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More Details

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Speak directly with Mike Walsh now to set up your project or contact him via our webpage. He will assist you with your program selection and schedule your initial meeting.

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Step 1
Open Design Meeting
  Step 2
Design Plan of Action
  Larger Projects
Land Use Plan
Preliminary Meeting
  • General property evaluation
  • Discuss specific improvements and repairs
  • Swimming pool placement

This is a 2 to 3 hour consultation with Mike to assess your property, its problems and possible solutions.

This evaluation explores topics such as:
  • You need an addition to your home. How can it work best with your landscape?
  • You need your property changed to better reflect your lifestyle. What could be done and what would be a realistic budget for upgrading it?
  • You are considering retiring in your home rather than moving. Can you improve your property or should you move?
  • You are considering a swimming pool. Where should it be placed?
  • Your deck, patio or front walkway needs repair. Or, should they be replaced?
  • Your driveway is awkward or dangerous. Can it be improved?

Open Design Meeting $650
  • Comprehensive design collaboration for beautiful plantings, privacy, relaxation, recreation and entertaining
  • Best option for projects that will integrate creative solutions to many problems
  • Low maintenance, low environmental impact solutions
  • Construction in phases

Looking for spectacular landscape design? This is the program that's best for you.

We will formulate a Plan of Action, a detailed and itemized description of your Schematic Design and how to proceed with the construction in efficient phases.

This is 3 to 4 hours of focused and creative teamwork. Topics covered will include:
  • Design styles
  • Space utilization and the functionality of your property
  • Plantings - trees, shrubs, flowers, ornamental grasses and lawns
  • Hardscape options - driveway, stonework, decks, patios, walls, spa and swimming pool
  • Relative budget for various approaches

Schematic Designs are typically priced from $3500 to $8500.

Design Plan of Action $650

  • Required for the Schematic Design of larger projects
  • The Land Use Plan proposal is developed in four steps:
  1. Preliminary meeting
  2. Research
  3. Fact-based discussion
  4. Land Use Plan design proposal
This process addresses property access/egress, parking, privacy, entertaining spaces, lawns, septic systems, grading, and/or new foundation placement.

We will research wetlands, setbacks, easements, and permitting issues for you, then engage an architect, builder, surveyor or other engineer as needed (priced separately).

This facilitates a fact-based discussion on the best design possibilities for your property.

The Land Use Plan will include a Design Plan of Action, a proposal for a Schematic Landscape Design (see Option 2) and all the information and documents developed during this process. Larger Schematic Designs are typically priced from $6500.

Land Use Plan Preliminary Meeting $650

Complimentary Phone/Online Meetings

We offer online “tours” of our work and the processes we use. We will be pleased
to show you how we work at no charge. When appropriate we will refer you to our
clients for references. See our photo gallery for client projects.

Thank you for your consideration.
~ Mike

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