Dear reader: All the plants in New England are starting to senesce. Many are dying (like crabgrass, thankfully), but most are just preparing to go dormant for the winter and return next spring and some are just coming into their spectacular best! [Crabgrass seeds will sprout next year, but the time to treat the problem is in the spring, not now. Now is the #1 best time of year for ...
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5/9 Late spring – early summer Lawns

Hi! Lawn check-in: This time of year is especially important for crabgrass and other annual grass weed control.  Make sure that you have a crabgrass preventer put down on all of your lawns that are in the sun .  This is a chemical control and I don't use it except where necessary.  If you have any shade 10A -3P, then you probably don't need it in that area.  Otherwise, you'll ...
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Spring on the highway

This is my first post.  MW ...
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