Landscape Plantings and Privacy

Not Happy With Your Current Landscape? Let Horticultural Concepts Help!

Your landscape can be an extension of you and accentuate the best parts of your property while strengthening the weakest portions. Since 1993, Mike Walsh at Horticultural Concepts has helped many clients throughout Eastern MA achieve the look and functionality they had only dreamed of for their property.

Backyard garden and path, Eastern MA
Fern, Eastern MA

Are your original plantings overgrown and unruly? Don’t cut them down! They can be very valuable with transplanting and/or pruning, downsizing and reshaping! Some very large plants can be difficult or impossible to find commercially, but can be repurposed to create special and unique effects that are otherwise unattainable.

Have straight walkways or flowerbeds you think are boring and unoriginal? We can design beautiful winding versions that slows the eye down and adds interest and complexity! Does your current landscape have plants that only flower during one season? We can plant flowers that not only complement your current floral arrangement, deck or pool, but also blooms during different seasons so your landscape has something to offer throughout the year.

Frontyard landscaping, Eastern MA
Privacy trees, arbor vitae, Eastern MA

Let Mike’s proven process and expert eye help show you engaging design options to bring out the best attributes of your landscape while camouflaging the least favorable. His stunning designs have been featured on HGTV multiple times. As a top local creative design and construction professional, Mike personally works with each client to achieve the best results for their specific landscape configuration.



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Living fences provide privacy from street traffic and neighbors views into your home

Screen unpleasant view out from your windows or landscape

Reduce the impacts of traffic and neighboring properties on your home and landscape

Are not restricted to height like fences are, and grow in value and effect with little or no maintenance

Enjoy Privacy In Weeks, Not Years With Our Privacy Tree Placement

Trees not only offer natural shade, but if placed correctly can also provide privacy that fences simply can’t match. Horticultural Concepts in Newton, Wellesley, MA has multiple design options combining fences and trees in sizes to suit your individual needs. We guarantee coverage so you can rest assured you won’t experience the “fish bowl” effect anymore. We use the widest variety of trees and shrubs fit to hide unsightly views and create privacy and interest you want and deserve.

What We Take Into Consideration


Privacy trees not only block out unwanted attention, but they can also provide a beautiful backdrop to your flowering shrubs!


We will help you determine the best area and setup for your privacy trees to eliminate sightlines of neighbors and/or street traffic.

Size and Growth Rate

We always take your current landscape into consideration when we are designing. We choose evergreens because that will grow quickly, offer the best coverage, and are beautiful when contrasted with fences of all kinds. Since they drop no leaves, they are easier to maintain and stay beautiful throughout the year.

A Message From Mike

“We create lifestyle-friendly landscapes and homes with integrated design, planning and construction.”

“We are designers first. We are also horticulturists and construction experts who budget correctly and bring the right people to your work. Please explore our site and contact us now. Thank you.”