As with decks, pools can offer both relaxation or entertainment options. Horticultural Concepts designs attractive and unique pools and yards to provide safe fun for kids, while allowing adults a place to entertain guests comfortably and conveniently. During our process (link to Our Process), we will offer designs specifically to incorporate the surrounding landscape in order to give your pool a distinct look that is special to you. Call on Mike Walsh to design and build your poolscape today!

Backyard outdoor pool, Eastern MA

We Offer

Landscape plantings · Decks · Patios · Walkways · Lawns · Portico entrances · New windows · Garages · Roofs · Additions · Walls

Integrated Designs Include

Spas, Hot Tubs, Waterfalls, Streams

Plantings, Lawns, Gardens, Trees

Lighting, Music, Fire Pits, Furniture

Cabanas, Bars, Kitchens, Showers

Fencing, Decks, Patios

Irrigation, Power, Storage

Privacy, Safety, Security

…and numerous other options

Your Program Options

All of our programs offered include swimming pool placement, the pool design and/or construction options. The best pool project will integrate all elements of your landscape and lifestyle in a unified design.

Backyard outdoor pool, Eastern MA
Backyard outdoor pool, Eastern MA
Backyard outdoor pool, Eastern MA

Customized Unique Design Styles

We will review great design styles with you in photos and drawings to help guide you to your best choices. We will custom design for your dream lifestyle.

Gorgeous, Safe Pools for Both Adults and Children

We design pools and yards to be attractive and unique for adult entertaining and to provide safe fun for the kids. We know how to accommodate both objectives simultaneously without harsh fences boxing spaces in.

Very Low Maintenance Options

Horticultural Concepts uses the most recent advances in materials and equipment to make your new pool maintenance simple and easy. No more weekly struggles with chemical balancing and your pool can be chlorine-free!

Pool Project Budgeting

From our first conversation you can count on candid and knowledgeable budget feedback with no conflicts of interest due to business models or construction crew availability. There will be no unpleasant surprises as the construction proceeds.

A Message From Mike

“We create lifestyle-friendly landscapes and homes with integrated design, planning and construction.”

“We are designers first. We are also horticulturists and construction experts who budget correctly and bring the right people to your work. Please explore our site and contact us now. Thank you.”