All the plants in New England are starting to senesce. Many are dying (like crabgrass, thankfully), but most are just preparing to go dormant for the winter and return next spring and some are just coming into their spectacular best!

[Crabgrass seeds will sprout next year, but the time to treat the problem is in the spring, not now. Now is the #1 best time of year for lawn renovations and upgrades, overseeding etc.]

Now is the time to meet with architects and designers regarding spring work so your project is ready when the daffodils come up. Spring hammer sounds (decks, additions) and shovels (planting, digging, walkways) start with design work now, not in the spring. Winter’s a great time to think happier (warmer) thoughts.

Look around. Fall is a great season of color! If your yard doesn’t have color now and is starting to collapse and go bare (gray), it isn’t doing its job for you. It should be colorful and interesting now and all winter. Evergreens give warmth and privacy so that your neighbors can’t see into your rooms and you don’t see into theirs (or any messes). Reclaim your space and make it gorgeous!

Call me now before any snow flies and makes it difficult to see what’s happening with your landscape. There’s still time to fit some driveway and walkway work. We’re setting up larger projects now for installation next year. Fall is for design and planning!

Mike Walsh – 781.843.1400.