Landscape Plantings and Privacy

Are your original plantings overgrown and unruly? Don’t cut them down! They can be very valuable with transplanting and/or pruning, downsizing, and reshaping! Some very large plants can be difficult or impossible to find commercially but can be repurposed to create distinctive and unique effects that are otherwise unattainable.

Let Mike’s proven process and expert eye help show you engaging design options to bring out the best attributes of your landscape while camouflaging the least favorable. His stunning designs have been featured on HGTV multiple times. As a top local creative design and construction professional, Mike personally works with each client to achieve the best results for their specific landscape configuration.

Not Happy With Your Current Landscape? Let Horticultural Concepts Help!

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Enjoy Privacy In Weeks, Not Years With Our Privacy Tree Placement

Privacy is not optional.

Usually a phase 1 priority, the purpose of your landscape border is to provide privacy, security and a sense of your own space in the world without using up all your yard and taking decades to mature. It has to look good all year, with winter privacy arguably the most important. A combination of evergreen and deciduous shade and ornamental trees, frequently with fences (invisible or visible) is the only way to go.

You don’t have to live trapped in a box of closed curtains. You can live with open light-filled beautiful views all year. It just feels better. It is better. We can screen ugly views out for you while giving your interiors the privacy you deserve. Flowers in summer. Shade if you need it. You are paying taxes every day for your property. You deserve to be able to use it when you want to, the way you want to.

We guarantee coverage so you can rest assured you won’t experience the “fishbowl” effect anymore. We use the best varieties trees and shrubs fit to hide unsightly views and create the privacy, shade and interest you want and need.

Benefits of Living Fences

Up to 22’ tall the day they are planted, they immediately screen unpleasant views
Reduce the impacts of traffic and neighboring properties on your home and landscape
Are not restricted as to height like fences are in most areas
Grow in value and effect with little or no maintenance in future years
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