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Mike knows that far too many decks are boxy cages needlessly blocking views and restricting access with railings, furniture and barbecues. Including or rebuilding a deck or patio on your home not only adds to its beauty, but can extend its living area connecting the interior and exterior spaces visually and physically. Horticultural Concepts can turn your backyard into a stunning venue equipped with a hot tub/spa, a plunge pool or even accommodate a small (or large) kitchen for outdoor cooking. During our process, we offer many sample designs, and will customize and build depending on your preference of options and landscape configuration. The best decks make use of the surrounding landscape.

Backyard deck, Eastern MA

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Consider Deck Designs That

Lets your views and access flow easily with no furniture, railings or barbeque obstructions

Includes wide wrap-around stairs for comfort, safety and extra seating

Has outdoor kitchen features for cooking, serving and storage

Comfortably accommodates a hot tub/spa or even a plunge pool

Sample Designs

Lanai deck design, Eastern MA


Very entertaining

Two levels in a small space add a great sense of dimension and spaciousness
Complete privacy with evergreen plantings to the right
Wide wraparound steps for extra seating and easy access
Outdoor kitchen for group cooking activity and serving
Planters for seasonal color and interest
Private, heated hot-tub (built into the deck – not visible in this view)


The combination of brick, stone and wood gives lots of interest

Multiple decks give easy access to the home’s interior and visual access to the landscape plantings
Fieldstone walls at seating height invite relaxing conversation
Brock and ash gray tones in combination with stone relate to each other and work well with the dark wood

Zen deck design, Eastern MA


This soothing and unique deck has an Asian theme

The gates and privacy screen provide separation with convenience access to the drive
Free views and free motion flow from the design with no railings
The built-in planter contains a small reflecting pond with a bubbling stone fountain adding the timeless dimensions of motion and sound
The gorgeous bridge detail crosses a stone “brook”
The entire scene sits nestled beneath a green Japanese maple with a blood-purple cloud another Japanese maple peeking over the fence


By surrounding this simple and sophisticated deck promontory with a stone wall and planter, this deck sits free of railings and any feeling of enclosure, but is completely safe. The view is free to flow to a pond below with swans and water lilies. Gorgeous, but surprising and very attainable.

Floating deck design, Eastern MA
Multi deck design, Eastern MA


Trees built in to edge of the deck provide shade on hot days
All the wide stairs provide lots of seating with no need for chairs for even large surprise gatherings of family and friends
A large “spa” or hot tub (center with cover) provides a convenient place for food service when not in use. It looks great with floating candles at night, too!

A Message From Mike

“We create lifestyle-friendly landscapes and homes with integrated design, planning and construction.”

“We are designers first. We are also horticulturists and construction experts who budget correctly and bring the right people to your work. Please explore our site and contact us now. Thank you.”