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Along with “greenscape” plantings., we have many sources across the country for additional items and amenities. Adding to the existing structures of your home can have an impressive and charming effect. For instance, the entrance of your home sets the tone, and acts as a type of flair. These additions, including garages, walkways, walls, and even the lighting, take your property from merely “nice” to can’t-miss and picturesque. Mike and his team have been helping clients realize the full potential of every aspect of their property through their proven process.

Let’s Beautify Your Home

Mosquito-Free Decks

Have a look at our decks page. Mosquitos are not just nuisances anymore. They are dangerous but now manageable with our new deck designs for outdoor entertaining and relaxation. In our initial conversation, we’ll show you the options that will be best for you.


Driveways don’t have to be as ugly as airport tarmacs. Your driveway can be a beautiful accent to your home instead of an extension of the street. For instance, a stamped or colored concrete driveway can match the color of your home while being surrounded by flowering plants, grass, and trees. We will use your new landscape to bring out the natural beauty of your home.


A well-designed walkway to your entrance from your guest parking adds a degree of elegance and intentionality to your home. Walkways are more than just a means of getting to your home; they add that essential curb-appeal that is an extension of your good taste and style.

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Portico Entrances

Give your guests the first taste of your home’s personality with a beautiful and functional portico entrance. It protects everyone from weather and adds to the character of the façade. We’ll suggest a great style that makes a statement and provides protection.

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When you want external appeal and privacy, a fence is a great choice. Along with the strategic placement of plantings we can add just the right fence to accent your landscape. We can also make fences virtually invisible to give security with a natural look. This will allow you peace and quiet to enjoy your home and garden.


Pergolas over decks and patios maximize usability of outdoor space. They control light, heat and shade, frame spaces and make them focal points. On them we mount fans for mosquito control and/or infra-red heaters. They highlight a place to relax and enjoy the yard. We’ll custom design the best type for your needs.


Fully integrated or attached with breezeways. With roof decks, storage or useful rooms on the 2nd floor. We can design, permit, price, and build the garage of your dreams. Garages are no longer just “nice to have” but expected features of contemporary homes. We have the options for you.


If you have multiple elevations in your lawn, a decorative stone wall can turn an awkward sloped portion of your property into a level area appealing and beautiful; worthy of conversation. Retaining and seating walls expand landscape options and can look natural along with the rest of your landscape. Seating height walls expand seating without more chairs. Just add pillows for comfort and color.


Lighting is not optional anymore. This is New England. Lighting extends your interior spaces dramatically in evenings and winter. Careful and thoughtful lighting adds an element of depth and focal points. It’s beautiful out there! You have to see it to experience it. Very low maintenance and energy consumption. No more bulbs and wires! It’s a whole new story.


At Horticultural Concepts, we always have our eye on sustainability. A water-wise irrigation system is crucial to ensuring your property is always at its best and for keeping maintenance as low as possible for you. We use underground drip systems wherever possible for very low consumption and maintenance.

Outdoor Kitchens

Small or large decks or patios are the heart of your outdoor spaces. It doesn’t have to be large or complicated. An outdoor kitchen can be as simple as a counter for your barbeque to provide the needed surfaces for cooking, storage, serving, and cleaning up.

driveway landscaping, Horticultural Concepts, Braintree MA
pergola design, Horticultural Concepts, Braintree MA
A terraced yard held by a cobblestone wall.
Pergolas over a deck.
garden wall, Horticultural Concepts, Braintree MA

For more information regarding our landscape design packages, please contact us or give us a call at 781-843-1400. We look forward to talking with you about how you can best approach your project goals.

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