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Horticultural Concepts was founded in 1992 by Mike Walsh, who wanted to bring a new ethos to the field, help clients solve vexing problems and bring out the true beauty of their homes and landscapes. From beautifully and uniquely designed decks to stunning portico entrances and other amenities, Horticultural Concepts leads in the design/build field. Mike uses a unique “best-in-the-field” process in which he and his team work in close consultation with clients on their top priorities. They are the area’s #1 most accomplished design team, so you can be confident of the skills, insights, and resources they will bring your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work in my area?

It depends on the size of your project. We have worked as far away as Northern NY and Western MA on very large projects. We work on smaller projects closer to Rtes. 95 and 93 around Boston.

What kind of work do you do?

We do all kinds of residential softscape (planting) and hardscape (construction, additions.) We arrange for maintenance after the construction.

When can you start?

We have already started. You’re researching now and we’re helping you. Next step: please see our “Conversation starter” Sam for help sorting out the most important priorities for both members of a couple. Nothing significant progress happens without everyone on board.

Make your phone call directly to Mike. He has 30 years of experience in the field. If he’s not the best person for your project, he will direct you to the right people.

He will give you realistic timelines and won’t promise what can’t be delivered.

Do you work in phases?

Yes. We work in phases to achieve your most important priorities first. and work in phases to achieve other goals at a pace that works best for you.

What kind of crews do you have?

There are many thousands of crews and suppliers available. We know or will find the best contractors for your project and use the best suppliers (wholesalers, nurseries, and growers) to get the best price/ value without sacrificing quality.

We personally oversee everything and talk with you daily when work is happening.

How does permitting work?

No permits are necessary for most plantings and outdoor construction. We do permit work for waterfront properties and various special situations. We get permits for structural work as needed.

Can you deliver privacy for my home and family now?

Probably. Privacy fences are limited to 6’ in height in MA so a workable solution may be trees. Sometimes the best privacy is a combination of screening structures for patios or decks and plantings. Mike has access to narrow evergreen trees (cedars, junipers: “arborvitae”) up to 20’ tall (2 ton) directly from wholesalers, growers and specialized tree planting crews and equipment. You may have your privacy within weeks, not decades.

Privacy is one of Mike’s top specialties.

Why do you charge for your first meeting?

To be fair to everyone and avoid pointless “shoppers”. Nothing is free and our time (yours and ours) is important. The goal of the first meeting is to give you good information, not sell you things you don’t need.

Mike charges $450 for the first consultation so you don’t pay for someone else’s time, and they don’t pay for yours. For price sensitive people this is probably the most important spend (for balanced, knowledgeable advice) you will ever make on your property.

If a design is needed or preferred, he’ll give you a fixed design price and avoid hourly architect fee “surprises”.

If a design isn’t needed, Mike will describe the work for you, meet with contractors, start pricing the construction for you and guide your project. Fees are specified and priced separately. There are no contractor “finder’s fees” or after-contract price increases.

Mike leads teams of architects, horticulturists, engineers, landscape crews and sometimes even lawyers to do things right in the most effective way.

Do you work on small projects?

The projects you see on our website start at $25,000 and can be much larger with additions to houses, extensive plantings and other “hardscape.” Our system is very flexible and works well for small and large projects.

How do I get the best value from my landscape spend?

Good plantings make the biggest impact for the least amount of money.

Privacy is the first phase of all serious backyard projects and makes everything else possible. It’s your best ROI if you don’t have privacy now.

Get better access to your landscape (visual; windows, and physical; stairs and decks.) These can change how you experience your home and life. Think: your personal paradise and sanity in a crazy world.

Avoid mistakes and work in phases with a clear end goal in mind for your property. “Know the destination before you start the trip.” (Steven Covey – 7 Habits)

Do you provide guarantees?

Mike makes sure the work is done to a very high standard and guarantees all the construction (including plantings) of all crews and suppliers he uses for years.

He will meet with you annually to review the landscape’s progress and answer any questions you may have.

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