The Horticultural Concepts Process

Our Proven System Helps You Achieve The Best Landscape Results

All Horticultural Concepts projects are led by Mike Walsh, who is the best local creative and acclaimed top-tier design and construction professional. For 35+ years, Mike has helped clients throughout Eastern MA bring out the true beauty of their homes. He has built tens of millions of dollars’ worth of gorgeous and effective landscape and home improvements.

Mosaic vase fountain, Eastern MA
Close-up of landscape design, Eastern MA

Mike usually works on projects that include many landscape elements including decks, plantings, walkways and patios, trees, fences, gardens and/or home im-provements like entrances, garages, front porticos, door and window additions, pergolas and additions.

At your first meeting, Mike will focus with you on your priorities and can work in phases at a pace that works for your lifestyle and budget needs. The ultimate goal is to make improvements that all come together into a unified whole over time, however long it takes (up to 20 years).

Horticultural Concepts is a full service company that offers design, permitting and consulting services to start the project and contracts for construction from an extensive list of qualified crews and suppliers of all kinds (over 60 at last count). Mike is always looking for well-qualified new people to work with if you have someone you want to include.

Mike’s flexible team includes designers and architects, construction managers and horticulturists. He will include the right person or people for your work after he understands what is needed based on your Open Design Meeting.

He works throughout Eastern MA and Cape Cod.

The first step is to contact us by phone or our contact page.

Prices to expect for your work. All projects are priced individually depending on type and location, but this is the range of prices to expect:

  • • 1st consultation — Open Design Meeting with Mike. 2-4 hours discussing priorities, options, phases and budgets $450-$650.
  • • Project Setup process including designs, Schematic Design Drawings, photo boards, budgeting and meetings: $3500—$8500. Mike will give you an exact price in your first meeting.
  • • Large project setup including permitting and engineering research and preparation will be handled expeditiously and priced as reasonably as possible as soon as the scope of work needed is understood.
  • • Construction price: Varies widely according to owner priorities and items. Mike will help you frame your expectations about budgets at the first meeting as much as possible.

We Offer

Landscape plantings · Decks · Patios · Walkways · Lawns · Portico entrances · New windows · Garages · Roofs · Additions · Walls

First Step: Phone Consultation (free, no obligation)

During this first phone call, Mike will talk with you about your landscape goals and any problems you mention with your property. He can offer online tours of previous work and review with you the processes we used to achieve that look.

He will set up your Open Design Meeting and go over pricing options for design packages so you aren’t ever bombarded with surprise costs or unfavorable results.

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Next Step: Open Design Meeting

The first in-person meeting is the most important step to get your project headed in the right direction. Mike will spend about 2-3 hours with you reviewing your goals and identifying potential solutions and options for your home. Be ready for new insights and specific problem-solving suggestions! He will then craft a process, suggest immediate solutions or (typically) a Schematic Design Package of services to match your project, style, and develop the options you will need to consider in more detail.

Once you have met and he knows your project, Mike can provide an extensive list of references to people he’s worked with who had similar concerns and priorities when they started out.

Mike will bring his extensive contacts with a very wide variety of leading industry contractors and suppliers to your project. He also welcomes working with all qualified professionals, so if you have a preferred contractor, they can still be a part of the project. This consultation is $650. However, there is no obligation to move forward with any project and you won’t pay for this consultation, if Mike and Horticultural Concepts aren’t a good fit for your project.


What Can I Expect From the Open Design Meeting? Problem-solving solutions!

Conceptual options for design layouts and “space utilization”

Conversational descriptions of each option and comparisons between them

Project schedule and projected completion date based on all of the above

Rough “scope of work comparisons” for your priority choices and budget priorities


The beginning of your meeting will be a conversation about how well Mike’s capabilities are suited to your project with examples of his work. There is no charge and no obligation to proceed if the match is not ideal.

$650 including all of the five points noted above and a specific proposal of itemized “deliverables” for the Schematic Design Package of services that you need. This includes Schematic Design development drawings and “photoboard” examples of ideas you will want to consider.

Very large projects may require more research and survey work before a Conceptual Plan of Action and Schematic Design Package pricing can be determined.

Next Step: Horticultural Concepts Schematic Design Process

This package includes scale renderings (drawings) and customized illustrative “photo boards” tailored to your specific project. This helps capture the essence of what Mike’s visions are based on your feedback from the Open Design Meeting and what your current landscape has to offer.

Mike will work with you to develop pricing options and conduct design development meetings. Mike can provide more details for you now by phone and will specify your package based on your needs at the Open Design Meeting.

What’s Included In The Design Package?

Scale renderings and highly colored, creative illustrative drawings
Gorgeous (breathtaking!) photo boards of plantings, decks and other hardscape options that we think you should see
A flexible and transparent budget process, which lists construction packages and options in a “menu” format that you can choose from for your construction Phase 1


$3500 – $8500 complete (for the majority of projects)

Landscaping Do’s & Don’ts


Keep Your Options Open

Make Lists of Problems You See In Your Landscape

Think long-term and work to solve most urgent priorities first as part of a larger plan

Think about all the things you like to experience on your property & let Mike help you sort out what’s realistic and doable for you


Contract work before meeting with Mike (e.g. Tree removal, survey work, walkway repairs)

Choose solutions until you talk with Mike about all your options! He is sure to present options you haven’t thought of

Rush yourself to complete projects. Consider finishing projects in phases or by seasons

Limit yourself! You might be able to do more than you think to unlock the true beauty of your home!

A Message From Mike

“We create lifestyle-friendly landscapes and homes with integrated design, planning and construction.”

“We are designers first. We are also horticulturists and construction experts who budget correctly and bring the right people to your work. Please explore our site and contact us now. Thank you.”